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Attention: On May 5, 2015 there will be a SPECIAL ELECTION in the 11th Congressional and the 43rd Assembly District.

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  NYC Poll Site Locator Web App   Voter Registration Search   Weekly Recordings of Commissioners' Meetings Now Available
  The NYC Board of Elections launched its new mobile web app which can be viewed on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and other mobile devices to help you find your poll site quickly and easily. We ask that you use this application only for the most up to date poll site location information from the Board of Elections in the City of New York.
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  Need to find out if you are registered to vote? Use the NYS voter information look-up tool to check your voting status.
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  As of March 4, 2014, the Board is now uploading complete videos of our weekly Commissioners' Meeting to our Youtube page. Please take the time to view these videos and also offer feedback. Feel free to e-mail our Media Director Valerie Vazquez.
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Important Notices

Notice to all Candidates and the County Committees
Calendar for Certificates of Nomination for May 5, 2015 Special Election
Calendar for Independent Nominations for May 5, 2015 Special Election
Commissioners’ Public Meeting Notice (pdf)  
Contest List - 11th Congressional and 43 Assembly - 05/05/2015
Statement On The Preliminary Nature Of Election Night Tallies (pdf) 
NYS DMV online voter registration  

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