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Voting on Election Day

Step 1 - Where To Vote

Make sure you are at the correct polling site and Election District (E.D.) for your address.

Polling Places open 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Locate and confirm your polling site

Step 2 - Be An Informed Voter
To vote, you must go to your assigned Election District polling place which is indicated on your voter registration card or ask any election officials at the polling site to look up your address in the street locator to ensure you are at the right poll site and election table. After you sign your name on the computer listing (poll list) of registered voters, a poll worker will issue you a voter card, ballot, and privacy sleeve and direct you to a privacy booth or BMD to mark your ballot.

Step 3 - If You Need Assistance
You may be assisted by any person of your choice including a trained poll worker, except your employer or union representative, if:
  • you cannot read( BMD available)
  • You cannot see the names printed (BMD available)
  • you do not speak English and need an interpreter (interpreters are available at selected sites)

Step 4 - Using the Poll Site Voting System
Learn more about Vote The New Way New York

Poll Site Locator &
Sample Ballots