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For Poll Workers


Dear Election Day Personnel:

As an Election Day worker, you are a vital link between the Board of Elections and the voting public we serve. Your courteousness, attentiveness and commitment during the long day at the polls are critical to the success of conducting the election.

Please click here to download the 2018/2019 Basic Poll Worker Procedures. You may use this to help you with the many different situations that commonly occur on Election Day. Armed with the knowledge you've gained from training and with the use of your Poll Worker Procedures, we are confident you'll be able to handle your Poll Worker duties capably.

Thank you for your dedication, cooperation and professionalism.


Michael J. Ryan
Executive Director
Board of Elections in The City of New York


Call our automated service at 866-379-0088 to confirm whether or not you’re available to work on Election Day.

Or confirm online with your Election Day Worker account by clicking this link.